Interesting way to combat bullying…

My granddaughter, Katelyn, is 10-years-old and in the 4th grade. She is a sweet girl who likes to be helpful.

On Friday she was awarded the “Student of the Month” award. I’m so proud of her!


On our way to Culver’s for an ice cream treat (to celebrate), I asked her what she did to become the Student of the Month

I didn’t notice that Katie was wearing a shirt that said, “Kind is Cool.” That says it all .

Definition of kind:  Affectionate, loving, of a sympathetic or helpful nature.
Gentle, nice, generous, charitable, big-hearted, friendly, and forgiving.

Katie practiced the definition of “Kind.” She did it with her teachers and her fellow students. As a result, she felt really good about herself and received some cool stuff.

You know, not all 4-letter words are bad 🙂 This word makes the world a better place… when practiced.

And because Katie is a kind, loving, and helpful person, she was rewarded. When you think about it, what a wonderful way to combat bullying! Award kids for good behavior. Make them feel good about themselves. These tools can shape more well adjusted and happier adults.

I think positive programs, like this, should be a mainstay in all schools. I hope it is. I’d also like to see workplaces become more Kind. After all, bullies come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.

I vote to be Kind… how about you?

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