You’ve Got A Book In You–I Sure Hope So!

I’m beginning my journey with a book I found in Writer’s Digest Books, “You’ve got a book in you,” by Elizabeth Sims.

Here is the opening quote by Ms. Sims (I love it)… She prefaced it with, “Why This Book? Read This First!”

To write a book is to open and give yourself to a world thirsty for authenticity. Writing a book is a heroic act, and it is an accomplishment no one can take away from you. When you come to THE END, you will know a wealth of things about your subject, about writing, and about yourself. You will be a deeper, richer, more complete person.

from Chapter Three

Sounds like a good starting point to me!

I should tell you that I’ve been a writer for years. A copywriter. And while it gave me a good understanding of finding my target audience and writing concise copy, I found that my real passion was to write fiction, not sales copy. Not “junk mail” as it is so often called.

So, I’ll check back soon with my experience after reading and working the first chapter in Ms. Sim’s book. It will keep my butt in the chair and hold me accountable… soon it will become a habit!


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