New Year–I’m Ready To Get Started!

Since May of 2016, I’ve been dealing with a torn rotator cuff. I always heard it was a bad surgery with a long recovery.

Everything I ever heard was correct… and then some.

Let me back up a minute. In May I was working in my little garden in front of my cottage home. As I was trying to position each plant, I felt an uh-oh. Yep, my shoulder started hurting.


Sago palms and hibiscus plants in my cottage garden.

I thought nothing about it at first. Then it started getting worse. Soon I could not reach up to get things out of cabinets without excruciating pain.

Long story short, I went to Texas Orthopedics. Had an MRI. And you guessed it, they suspected a torn rotator cuff. Now I had had both bicep tendons repaired about 10 years ago. I knew rotator cuff surgery was much more trouble than that.

On August 25, 2016, I had the surgery. When the surgeon was finished he told us it was worse than he thought. It was all fixable. And it needed to be done.

Recovery was so much worse than I had imagined.

I wore the sling for 5 weeks. Slept in a recliner for two months. And spent since early October going to physical therapy (PT), twice a week. Then I had to do my exercises every day. This would consume around an hour and a half. This recovery is not for the faint of heart… it hurts!

At first I could not write or type since it was my right arm. Then I didn’t do much writing because I just wasn’t motivated. I’ve heard surgical aftermath can do that for a while.

Then, little by little I was able to cut up my food and feed myself–all by myself! Whoopee!!!

I did a lot of reading so all was not lost. But I was not motivated to do my writing educational courses until just recently, like yesterday to be exact.

So, last night I created this new blog to hold my feet to the fire and write, every single day. To write something. I need to get the habit going again.

Today, my doctor released me… said goodbye. I’m ready to do a home program to gain strength in my shoulder. He was extremely pleased with the healing I’ve achieved. I’m at about 98% and he expects me to reach 100% in the next several months. I can go golfing in a few months!

I must say… it feels good to be a whole, productive person again. It feels good to be writing again! And I can’t wait to golf again 🙂

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